Antoine Douaihy: ‘I Do Regret That I Haven’t Been Able to Devote My Entire Life’ to Writing


Continuing our countdown to the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, ArabLit talked to the brothers co-longlisted for the 2015 prize: Jabbour and Antoine Douaihy. Both have previously been longlisted for the prize:

Antoine Douaihy Antoine Douaihy

Jona Fras: Your works have appeared on the “Arabic Booker” longlist for the second consecutive year now, The Bearer of the Purple Rose last year and Drowning in Lake Morez for the 2015 prize. How did you feel when you learnt you’ve been nominated for a second time? 

AD: These are the only two novels I have published since the “Arabic Booker” has come unto the scene. My last novel before them, Crossing Over Rubble, came out in 2003.

I felt both exuberant and comforted. One realizes, at such a point, that there are those who pay attention to one’s voice, who interact to and respond with one’s literary work at a deep level…

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