Attention Leaders: Inspiring Innovation Means Embracing PLAY #GSPD

Into (and Through) the Tangle

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Dear School Administrator,

I am writing to share with you some exciting news about a learning methodology that promotes physical health, emotional wellbeing, creativity, empathy for others, and dynamic, innovative thinking in our students. Even more incredible is the fact that it costs nothing to implement, requires no time off for teacher professional development, and is loved by children (and most adults) worldwide. This methodology is at the cutting edge of 21st Century educational practice, yet, sadly, it is underutilized in today’s classrooms. The methodology in question?


Unscripted, unstructured play. Play as old as sentient life itself. Play as the intrinsic vehicle by which every child interacts with, and makes meaning of, the world around them.

I would like to invite you to join a worldwide movement to help “reintroduce” this fading art into our school environments: the inaugural Global School Play Day on February 4! 

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