How I Encourage My Kids to Become Readers by Brenda Priddy

Nerdy Book Club

encourage kids to read

Today, children are assailed with many claims on their attention. Not only do children have homework, chores, toys, and video games; but they also have the huge attention grab of the online world.

Getting a child who is pulled in so many different active and stimulating directions to sit down and read is a difficult task. However, regardless of how educational games and online media can be, I still believe that it is important for children to sit and read a book that has pages to turn. According to recent studies, children who read from physical books actually retain more information than children who simply read on screen-based media. This makes it more important than ever to encourage children to read books.

As an adult book-lover, I definitely want to encourage my children to read as much as possible. Here is what I have found to be effective methods…

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