Jabbour Douaihy: ‘We Are Not, Of Course, the Goncourt Brothers’


Continuing our countdown to the International Prize for Arabic Fiction, ArabLit talked to the brothers co-longlisted for the 2015 prize: Jabbour and Antoine Douaihy. Both have previously been longlisted for the prize:

jabbourArabLit: What is it like being on the longlist with your brother? He’s your older brother, yes? Do you ever help each other with your writing? Are there any other Douaihy novelists?

JD: He is my older brother, and we are not, of course, the Goncourt brothers; we differ in style and his approach is a meditative focus on the inner life, while I tend to write a more social-realist literature. He read my text before it was published and his comments have helped me in many things. Finding our books together on the list for the Arabic Booker is “amazing” (I can’t find the words in Arabic!).

AL: You’ve said that The American Neighborhood is about…

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