What is Google Analytics Bounce Rate for a Website?

One of the most important factors to consider while performing SEO activities is to check for the bounce rate of website. I personally consider that this is a very important criterion that can give you the true insight of your visitors. Google Analytics can provide in depth statistics regarding Bounce Rate.

In simple, bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who closes your website without browsing any other webpage. So this can give you the clue of what exactly you need to do or incorporate into your website to decrease this rate. There are many entrance paths to your website. One of the most visited and important path is the home or index page of a website. Many visitors come through this path and if they are unable to find information they are looking for, they might simply close your website without browsing any other page and so your bounce rate will start to increase.

In fact, each and every webpage should be optimized in such a manner that when a visitor land on it should find the information that he was looking for. For example, if a visitor come to your site through Google organic search with the keyword of “tic tac toe flash game download” then your landing page should have this download available with other relevant games in the categories if possible. This would definitely increase visitor loyalty to browse more pages of your website and hence will result in the decrease of bounce rate and increase of achievement of your primary goals. Content rich websites should not have bounce rate of more than 60%. There can be varying level of thresholds for different websites out there but it is always good to have this ratio as low as possible.

How to check Bounce Rate in Google Analytics

Follow the steps below:

  • Login to your Google Analytics account
  • On the main Dashboard screen, you will see Bounce Rate in the right panel, showing you the overall bounce rate for your website.
  • You can check the detail stats by clicking on this link. See the screen shot below:


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